6th Graders are sounding great! Welcome to our 5th Grade Band Students!

Saturday, September 26, 2020 by Tom Rutt | Uncategorized

Nice work at lessons 6th graders.  I am really seeing and hearing a lot of good things from all of you. You have all grown into being some fine musicians. I can tell you all are putting in the time to become better on your horns. If you didn’t get as much time last week to practice, now is the chance to pull out your instrument and work on a few things.  Remember to play something fun to start and end your practice. That’s what I do.  

Welcome to our new 5th grade band students who will begin their lessons this week.  We’ll start from the very beginning this week working on how to assemble your instruments and make your first sounds. Be patient with yourselves. I know the 6th graders will tell you - that you will figure this stuff out as long as you “never give up.”  

Practice Tip: Check your posture.  You’ll sound better if you are sitting up with your back off the chair.  

Have fun,

Mr. Rutt

Had Fun at the Middle School on Tuesday/Thursday

Saturday, September 19, 2020 by Tom Rutt | Uncategorized

Good week of lessons.  It was also fun to go over to the middle school and rehearse with Mrs. Boyen(woodwinds) and Mrs. Bush (brass).  You can start working on their music in your practices as well as your lesson book assignments. 

Was good to see 3 signed practice records this week.  Well done Josiah, Maggie and Lauren!

The 5th grade band students will start lessons next week on Mondays and Fridays.  They will not be going to rehearse with the public school students at this time.  

Practice Tip: Play a song you like at the beginning and the end of your practice.  That’s a good way to keep getting better and also have fun with your instrument.  

Get those practice records signed,

Mr. Rutt

Good Week at Lessons

Saturday, September 12, 2020 by Tom Rutt | Uncategorized

Good Week at Lessons

Everyone did a good job of remembering their instruments again and we had another good week at lessons - getting back into the "swing of things."  Thank you everyone for trying your best to play with the facemaks on - I know it's a challenge but be patient with yourself.  After a bit - it will get easier.  Really have some nice sounds coming from everyone - Good Tone!  

Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging our 5th grade students to join our band program.  They can see how much fun you are having and that makes it easy to bring them on board.

6th grade band at the middle school on Tuesdays/Thursdays starts this Tuesday. Remember your instruments on Tuesdays. You won't need your books at the middle school as Mrs. Boyens will have a new folder of music for you.

Remember to get your practice done,

Mr. Rutt