Warm ups

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 by Tom Rutt | Uncategorized

As we get back into our routine next week, I wanted to remind all of you to remember to warm up before you work on your lessons. Warm ups in band are just like warm ups in any physical activity. You need to gently get into your practicing with long tones and songs that you know. This helps to get the fingers and embouchrure (the way you hold your mouth) working together. 

You are always assigned warm ups at your lesson but as I've also been known to say, if you want to play something different for your warm up, that's ok too. Brass players are always encouraged to do lip slurs. You can find those on a few of your lesson pages at the top. Or look in the back of your book at the "Excellerators" pages. 

Have fun practicing!

Mr. Rutt