B a n d    N o t e s # 13

Week of

November 19, 2018

Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School

Mr. Rutt, Band Instructor

262-5673 or tcrutt@hotmail.com

Lesson Times: Monday thru Friday mornings/lunch times

5 th Band rehearses 8:25- 8:55 @ Lincoln Elem – per scheduled days

6 th Band rehearses 11:35 – 11:55 @ MS – M,W,F

IGLLS Band Web page:igllsband.mymusicstaff.com

**Also find our IGLLS Band page on Pinterest on our website!

 Flute:  Mary Peterson; Clarinet: Hadley Johnson,  Alto Sax: Addie Newton, Conner Essick, Scarletta Ussery;; Trumpet: Micah Iedema; French Horn: Tucker Nikkel, Sylvia Ruden; Trombone: Owen Van Otterlooo; Percussion: Abbey Crew

Nice concert 5th Grade !

A beautiful concert on Tuesday night 5th grade!  Glad everyone had a good "first concert."  The next concert on the calendar is the Middle School Winter Concert on Dec. 11 at 7:00 p.m. for the 6th grade band.  Following that will be our Holiday Lunch Concert on Dec. 19 at 11:35 in the IGLLS lunchroom. Please join us as our students play favorite holiday songs. 

Practice times are down right now. So get out those lesson books and holiday song books and spend some time reviewing your notes and rhythms.  Use your practice sheet from lessons to know what to practice. 

5 th Grade band is MONDAY and TUESDAY this week.  6 th grade band is Monday.

Take care,

Mr. Rutt


Nov. 19,20  –  5th   Grade Band at Lincoln

Nov.19 - 6th Grade Band at MS

Dec. 11 - 7:00 p.m. - MS Winter Concert - MS Gym (6th Grade Band)

Dec. 19 - 11:35 - IGLLS Holiday Lunch Concert

Dec. 20 - 7:00 p.m. IGLLS  Christmas Musical

Lesson Changes:

  •  Scarletta - Nov. 19 MONDAY - 12:40
  • Sylvia - Nov. 19 MONDAY - 1:00
  • Micah - Nov. 19 MONDAY - 1:20
  • Mary - Nov. 20 TUESDAY - 9:40
  • Tucker - Nov. 20 TUESDAY - 12:40


Psalm 119:143

Trouble and distress have come upon me, but your commands give me delight.

JOKES for YOU...

Q: If April showers bring may flowers, what do Mayflowers bring?
A: Pilgrims.

Q: Why did the pilgrims pants fall down?
A: His belt buckle was on his hat.

Q:  Why did the cranberries turn red?
A: Because they saw the turkey dressing!

Q: What key has legs and can’t open doors?

A: A turkey.


Regular Lesson Schedule

Mon: 10:00  – Micah /10:20 – Conner / 10:40 – Addie

Tues: 10:00  – Hadley/ 12:20 - Abbey

Wed: 10:00  - Sylvia /10:20 - Tucker

Thurs: 10:00 - Mary/ 10:20 – Scarletta / 5:30 - Owen

Fri: 10:00 - Tucker/10:20-Scarletta




Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School web site:http://www.iglls.org/

Spencer Community Schools: http://www.spenceriowaschools.com/

IGLLS Band on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/igllsband/

First English Lutheran Church: http://spencer-church.com/

Christ the King Lutheran Church: http://www.ctkspencer.com/

Note Trainer: http://www.childrensmusicworkshop.com/musictheory/trainers/html/id82_en.html