B a n d    N o t e s # 32

Week of

May 2, 2022

Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School

Mr. Rutt, Band Instructor

363-4490 or tcrutt@hotmail.com

Lesson Times: Monday thru Friday mornings/lunch times

6 th   Band rehearses 11:35 – 11:55 @ MS – M,W,F

5 th Band rehearses 2:45 - 3:15 @ Lincoln - on Band Calendar Days

IGLLS Band Web page:igllsband.mymusicstaff.com

**Also find our IGLLS Band page on Pinterest on our website!


Flute: Brooklyn Reynolds, Katelyn Juza;  Clarinet:  Sophia Porath, Noah Obermeier; Trumpet: Keegan Hutchinson, Kinnick Friedrich,  Aubrey McFarland, Carter Meyer, Braxton Orwig, Wyatt Van Otterloo; Trombone: Azra Edwards, Ethan Egland; Euphonium: Hunter Pearson,Tyler Malmstrom; Percussion: Anna Iedema, Jill Schendel


2nd Group of Partner Solos Wednesday/ MS Spring Concert Thursday

We’ll have the second group of 5th grade partner solos this Wednesday. Anna and Jill, Carter and Aubrey and Katelyn and Brooklynn will play their solos.   Parents are welcome to join us for chapel that morning and then stay after to hear the solos. We will record the solos and share those with parents too. Good luck to all of our 5th graders playing “their first solo!” The 6th Grade Band will be performing on the MS Spring Concert on Thursday at 7 p.m. at the MS Gym.

Practice TipLONG Tones on low notes are a good way to warm up your lips. Percussion can do eighth notes as a good wayy to warm up. 



May 4, 5- 5th Grade Band at Lincoln 

May 2,4,6- 6th Grade Band at MS 

May 4 - 5th Grade Partner solos after chapel, Clar. solo practice for next week after solos

May 5 - MS Spring Concert  7 pm (6th grade) @ MS Gym

May 6 - IGLLS Band practice - 10:30

May 9 -10:30 - 6th Grade Hymn sing practice

May 10 - 5th Grade Band/Choir concert 

@ HS  Aud. - 7 p.m. (Rehearse @ 9:30 a.m)

May 11 - 6th Grade Hymn sing after chapel & Clarinet Solo Partners

May 13 - IGLLS Band practice - 10:30

May 13 - Last Day of IGLLS Band Lessons

May 18 - IGLLS Musical - 7 p.m.

(IGLLS Band to play at pre-service)

Lesson Changes:

No Lesson Changes

Online Music Fun:

Staff Wars

1) Click the line above         2) Pick treble clef OR bass clef         3) Set your range         4) Play


 2 Peter 3:18

 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.

Signed Practice Records Honor Roll:

Brooklynn, Tyler, Aubrey


How did the banana get out of school?

It split!

Where do ghosts like to swim?

In the Dead Sea.

What do you call a reindeer that swims in the ocean??


Weekly Lesson Schedule: 


9:20 - Hunter Pearson

9:45 - Keegan Hutchinson

10:10 - Sophia Porath


9:20 - Anna Iedema

9:45 - Jill Schendel

10:10 - Carter Meyer


9:45 - Noah Obermeier

10:10 - Ethan Egland

10:35 - Azra Edwards


9:20 - Kinnick Friedrich 

9:45 - Braxton Orwig

10:10 - Katelyn Juza

10:35 - Brooklyn Reynolds

11:00 - Aubrey McFarland

5:00 - Wyatt Van Otterloo

5:30 - Tyler Malmstrom


9:20 - Katelyn Juza




Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School web site:http://www.iglls.org/

Spencer Community Schools: http://www.spenceriowaschools.com/

IGLLS Band on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/igllsband/

First English Lutheran Church: http://spencer-church.com/

Christ the King Lutheran Church: http://www.ctkspencer.com/

Note Trainer: http://www.childrensmusicworkshop.com/musictheory/trainers/html/id82_en.html