B a n d    N o t e s # 36

Week of

May 18, 2020

Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School

Mr. Rutt, Band Instructor

363-4490 or tcrutt@hotmail.com

Lesson Times: Monday thru Friday mornings/lunch times

5 th                        Band rehearses 7:45- 8:15 @ MS – TUES/THURS

6 th                        Band rehearses 11:35 – 11:55 @ MS – M,W,F

IGLLS Band Web page:igllsband.mymusicstaff.com

**Also find our IGLLS Band page on Pinterest on our website!

 Flute:  Mary Peterson, Ali Brant; Clarinet: Hadley Johnson, Lauren Lee, Maggie Schoelerman;  Alto Sax: Dylan Johnson, Maggie Peterson; Trumpet: Zarah Zahrt; French Horn: Tucker Nikkel, Josiah Nitzel; Trombone: Kase Kardell, Owen Van Otterlooo;Tuba: Joseph Ruden

Best Wishes to our 6th Graders and Everyone have a nice summer!

Looks like we've come to the end of the school year.  Thanks everyone for working so hard on your band lessons. It's been fun playing with you and helping you grow as musicians. Try to keep up your skills over the summer and I'll look forward to seeing all of you next year. 

I have emailed a 3rd and final lesson video on Youtube for you. It's a "Favorites" Band Lesson so I think you'll have fun playing along with me. Hope you all have a nice summer break!

Keep playing your instruments and having fun,

Mr. Rutt


May 19 - National Devil's Food Cake Day

May 21 - Ascension Day

May 23 - National Taffy Day

May 25 - Memorial Day

July 4 - Independence Day

Lesson Changes:

Free Zoom Lesson Help Available - Email Mr. Rutt for a Zoom Link

Online Music Fun:

Treble Clef Sports Blaster

Test your knowledge of lines and spaces in the treble clef and have fun upon answering each question correctly. You will need to allow Adobe Flashplayer to  run.


Matthew 20:28

     just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

JOKES for YOU...

How do you prevent a summer cold?

Catch it in the winter.

What do you call a fly that doesn't have any wings?

A Walk

Did you hear about the man who lost his whole left side?

He is all-right now.

What pet makes the loudest sound?

A trum-pet.

Regular Lesson Schedule

Mon: 10:00  – Hadley /10:20 – Mary / 10:40 – Maggie P.

Tues: 9:40 - Maggie S.10:00  –  Ali/ 12:10 - Joseph

Wed: 10:00  - Josiah /10:20 - Tucker/10:40 - Dylan

Thurs:10:00 - Josiah/ 10:20 – Zarah /10:40 - Lauren/5:00 - Kase / 5:30 - Owen




Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School web site:http://www.iglls.org/

Spencer Community Schools: http://www.spenceriowaschools.com/

IGLLS Band on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/igllsband/

First English Lutheran Church: http://spencer-church.com/

Christ the King Lutheran Church: http://www.ctkspencer.com/

Note Trainer: http://www.childrensmusicworkshop.com/musictheory/trainers/html/id82_en.html