Here are some good music games you may use to improve your music fundamentals. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll gladly give you some ideas for how to use them.

Mr. Rutt

Treble and Bass Note Name Space Invaders Quiz

Test your knowledge of lines and spaces in the treble and bass clefs and have fun with a 'Space Invaders' style bonus upon answering each question correctly. There are 15 questions. Do not type a 'space' before or after the answer to avoid missing the questions.

Treble and Bass Note Name Space Invaders Quiz

Piano Pedagogy Plus

There are a variety of games at this site.  You are able to practice games. Check your clef signature. Most of you use the treble cleff.  Trombones and Tubas use bass cleff.

Click on this link:

Piano Pedagogy Plus

Music Theory.net

There are a variety of resources available.  The one here is note identification. As mentioned above, check your clef. If you play a woodwind or trumpet/horn, you use treble clef. If you play trombone or tuba, you use bass clef. You can change the clef by clicking the "circle" symbol in the right top corner. You can also get extra help by clicking on the dots on the top right corner. 

Click on this link:

Music Theory.net

Orchestra Game from the Magic Flute

Listen to the instrument and click on which instrument you think you hear. If you're right, it pops up on the field. If not, try again until you get it.

Orchestra GAME


This program requires Adobe Flashplayer, so allow it to run.  The program is a note naming game. You can choose treble cleff or bass cleff or both.  All of you should choose TREBLE CLEF, except trombone and tuba.  You can use your mouse, touch pad or keyboard to name your notes.  FYI: the better you get, the faster it goes. It's pretty fun.

Click Below:


Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School web site:http://www.iglls.org/

Spencer Community Schools: http://www.spenceriowaschools.com/

IGLLS Band on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/igllsband/

First English Lutheran Church: http://spencer-church.com/

Christ the King Lutheran Church: http://www.ctkspencer.com/

Note Trainer: http://www.childrensmusicworkshop.com/musictheory/trainers/html/id82_en.html